Saturday, 24 October 2015

By María José Charlo Molina

Once upon a time, Peter told me that Anne had spent her life working very hard.  It was not an easy job having in mind that she was very young and too small. Not only had she taken care of her big family, but she had also built a place to live. Moreover, she had everything tidied up. Besides that, she had carried lots of weight at work every day.

In spite of all that, it couldn’t be said that she wasn’t happy. In fact, she did what others thought she had to do; that is why she felt satisfied.

However, she wanted to travel all around the world. In essence, travelling was the only thing she really greatly wished.

One day, a salesman arrived at the village and she realised that she had a great opportunity to carry out her dream. She didn’t want to tell anybody about what she was going to do. Despite the possible problems, she decided to run the risk and therefore got on the truck as soon as she could. It wasn’t difficult for her to hide from him.

Since that day Anne has spent the rest of her life travelling all around the world and not even the salesman has known about her. At that point, I couldn’t understand the way anybody could remain unseen for so long. I asked Peter but he couldn’t stop laughing. “Anybody?” he asked me smiling. If you had listened to the story carefully, you would have understood that Ann was not a person but an animal. Her name was Ant instead of Ann.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t my fault. It was the horrible pronunciation of my dear German friend. Now, I understand the reason why I had never been so surprised in all my life


  1. Dear M José, I wast in your class when you wrote this tale for the contest, so it is a pleasure to read it now. Don´t give up, we can keep improving our english level.