Saturday, 24 October 2015

Rain beyond the Earth
by Ismael Roldán Castro

It had been raining all morning, but at long last, a very strange sun appeared. The crew were walking on air. The Meteorological Project had been a great deal of complete success. There were a group of scientists from different areas who had been dealing with this challenge for such a long time.

In fact, the reason why the vast majority of the travellers were deeply depressed was the lack of real meteorological phenomena. Despite the fact that they had seen a lot of films about the Earth, they suffered from claustrophobia after having been flying so many years, and consequently, most of them had decided not to keep looking for a new planet in another galaxy and, as a result of it, to come back to the Earth. But, fortunately, the giant proportions spacecraft ‘ISE III’ (Interstellar Space Experiment, 3rd Era) was able to fulfil its aim.

Eventually, Mr Andrews, a widely-recognized expert in this kind of missions and highly-respected commander of the long voyage, summoned up the crew in order to carry on with the interstellar journey. So, from the cosmic vantage point where they gazed up at the far corners of the Universe, he solemnly addressed those future Argonauts by telling them: 
‘If we hadn’t created artificial rain inside our spaceship as well as an incredible sun, we wouldn’t have managed to produce healthy food, fresh vegetables and restocking of animals. It is music to your ears. Now, you can put your psychological discomfort behind you. You are fed up with pills, but time is running out. We will be able to settle in a new galaxy and human life will be spread all over the Universe’

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