Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Door in the Attic
by María del Carmen García González

It had been raining all morning. Just like every year, the whole family had gathered at Grandma’s house to get the awaited gifts. Despite the weather, everyone’s face reflected excitement. Above all the children, they were thrilled, running and shouting in the house since they could not play in the garden.

However the kids lost interest in their toys and started to be frustrated for not being able to play on the street. But the most disappointed child was Angela. Although she had got the best present that she could have never imagined, she couldn’t ride her bicycle.  All her cousins could play with their new toys while she waited impatiently for the sunrise.

In spite of having visited her grandmother since he could remember, she had never noticed there was a door in the attic. This door was almost invisible as it was covered with the same paper as the rest of the wall. But it was possible to see a small lock. In this moment, Angela forgot her bicycle and the little door drew all her attention. Even though her grandmother had never spoken about this door, she knew that she should not open it. For this reason, she crept slightly because she didn't want her family to realise that she was going to go into the attic.

She was about to get it when she awoke from her sleep.

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